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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  August 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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it happened last month on the west side, police said they told the driver to go directly to a city prosecutor to seek chargesesiv, the driver and his attorney plan to do that. >> ,dr t he is a job come a day job this is moonlighting. >> c's attorney says that the passengers were clearly drunk but does not excuse the ethnic totting. >> understand that there are issues the world that cause people to haveutt fear and a different view at a majority of people, with rifle reason because of what is going on in the world but here in cleveland we don't have that and t a lot of people can get along. >> et the driver, was here in this country about four yearst, now getting a firsthand look inside the justice system.
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we do not identify the passengers, since no charges have been filedd, not yet, the i-team left a message for the 2 26-year-old woman, a police report shows that her dada picked her up along with the other passengers. >> > it depends on what the prosecutor sees as damage to the car and that pushed to the chest and does this the level of ethnic intimidation is something that the .rosecutor will look at >> fbi looking into whether social media played a part in the induction in cleveland and attempted abduction in elyria as peggy gallek is here from the fbi headquarters with the latest. >> there have been no arrests yet and fbi agents are trying to determine the suspect usede not social media app determine where these
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fbi special agent vicki anderson talking about how sexual predators use social media to get information from young children. >> we believe that their could be a social media app aspect to this investigation. >> > fbi looking at the possibility that social media app may have played a role in the induction of a girl in may and attempted abduction the ten-year-old elyria girl fingering. >> you think that they're just plain that they can chat with people online and we find thathheo a lot of times when there is something awful happened to a child such as in this case, it has come across on social media in one of these apps >> the girl was taken
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the family has since moved t t and neighbors hope that the suspect is arrested soon. >> melodic as you play through herere. >> she says that ever since the girl went missing for 17 hours she keeps an extra close eye on her grandchildren. >> they should not leave their windows open at s so anybody can crawl in to take the kids. that all my windows are locked. >> fbi saysndh they are not ruling out the possibility that the suspect, is not from this area. >> tisthe internet makes the world smaller, and people can chat from all over andnd these predators, if they have someone p that they interact with are willing to drive for itat. >> makes many parents concerned about worried,
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been my kid he could have come through my window to take my son. >> o $3,000 reward offered for and sold at least to an indictment, if you have informationa a contact the fbi. >> yet to be very careful the fbi says that kids can be trusting so you have to watch out. v >> akron man facing charges after they say he slammed his car into a police cruiser injuring an officer, c donald watson was indicted for attempted murder, and other charges, ted davis suffered injuries when watson rammed his pickup truck intoto the cruiser, watson made a call to 911he, threatened to injure officers before hitting
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outdoor concert interrupted by chaos, charges pending against an elder driver who they say he plowed into a dance floor in parma heights leaving i a people injured as matt wright spoke to when the victims enjoins us with this disturbing video. >> victim saysysghs it happened in an instant. about 7:00 p.m. last night at the parma heights police station parking lot, a three are them with brain injury, in the icu. >> surveillance video shows the car moving backwards onto the dance floor injuring eight people including ken wadsworth. nt kthe time i realized it was coming it was overt i and i just saw it. >> is dancing with his 68-year-old girlfriend who is hospitalized with critical injuries.
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undertow on the beach and it is taking you into the sand. >> before the sunday crash, 100 people were at a concert listen to the sounds of frank sinatra and dean martinco in greenbrier commons. >> driver was backing out as she hit the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal that crashed into the ed crash floor and into another car. >> a a medical condition she said that she was not feeling rather well that's why she left a bit early, i interviewed her and it just appears that it waswe a terrible accident. >> it happened just steps from the parma heights waystationpp. >> he was there within seconds and calling for squads. >> astll he says that are pending against the driver.
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and if she's going to come out of this, and in what shape? >> n the driver, car is impounded, they want to make sure that there was not some sort of,t mechanical malfunction, the driveric has a valid drivers license , they're not yet releasing her identity back it could be a while before we knowit one way or another with respect to the charges? >> likely but the specific charges, it may be several days. >> sp ma second person died from a shooting in standoff in brook park over the weekend they say that carl adkins barricaded himself saturday after shooting james nielsen they had been arguing, nilsson passed away last night, the police had a robot into the home after they do not hear from him for several hours
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an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> man shot while taking apart a ride at the cuyahoga county fair is out of the hospital, ronald grimes was on top of the bumper car they began operatingr the had to put into it,t to help his recovery, a spokesman says he is at home and could return to work later this weekt. >> lorain county teenager and his parents are suing thehe sheffield school over the drug policy, jack shea ays the lawsuit says the stage for the battle over students rights. >> under a drone policy and the school district those who participate in extracurricularss like football or drive to school must submit to drug testing ot, a brookside high school sophomore involved in some activities is challenging the policy.
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in court the 15-year-old and his parents maintain the drug testing policy violates students rights. >> drug testing policiesnndr when you do it without cause goes against our constitutional rights to be free from illegal search and seizures and that everybody has the right to be treated equally which is the fourteenth amendment . >> according to the school district the supreme court ruled that those who take part in activities and sports have a lesser xpectation of privacy and can be t >> if we could test everyone, we wouldld but as soon as you attach a great of a class that la not allowed to take their educational right away so were basically test everyone that we can test. >> weththe district says the drug testing designed to serve asas a deterrent and identify those with assistance needed. if your urine tests positive for drugs then you're going to have to
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intervention so that we can get you some help. >> hethe parents of the student challenging the policy says the district should show noble cause beforese forcing a student to prove a negative. >> you're telling the students that you do not trust them until they prove themselves, i think if you're going to tell the students that you do not truststu' them, then why should they trust you and we should have a more positive environment. >> jack shea fox 8 news >> according to the lawsuit the boy will miss out on activities likeil cross-country and student council if he does not submit, the gentry says he would be allowedd in the marching band because that is consideredhe a class and not covered by the policy. >> i-team asking questions about freight
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stop and tower city that it's important to the handicapped and many more,e,'s it was repeatedly breaking down and then was repaired by this weekend and was down again and rta says more repairs will be completed in this time the fix is expected to be permanent. >> mpn n another monday and another visit by donald trump. >> > byhe was in youngstown and now acting as suzanne stratford joins us non as things are expected to begin shortly. >> northeast ohio, our dance card is full until november. people began james r. people began rhodes arena. they've been filling up here with thousandsin expected to attend the rally they've had some speakers talking about national security, and lots of chanting usa.
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support of blue-collar voters, disenfranchise democrats talk about jobs and safety. he says that he is a law and order candidate has been reaching out to law enforcement including a short time ago, mr. trump with former new york mayor rudi giuliani, meeting with 25 active and retired acronym police officers at the local fraternal order of police lodge he told them that he is behind them 100 percentt and said thatc while safety longboarder immigration are different topics. he spoke to people who showed up tonight mawy say the reasonheh they are here because of the economy. >> elike his policies you think that americans is better than liberalism time to get jobs back
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her that from many people, the event kicks off at 7:00 p.m. withth the highlights coming up tonight i'm fox 8 news and 10:00 p.m. we will also be stream it live at fox >> lla a walk-on from the park turns into a struggle for his lifehe as a local man fights for a criminal investigation against the owner
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prove that you can get along with just have to have an open mind the miami zoological wildlife foundation otter and lion cub that are bffs, right now, this friendship proves that anybody can be friends if there are no preconceived notions.
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today 77 was picture-perfect. as we move along, the dog days of summer, that was advent of the dog star serious near the sun is why the time between july 3 andnn in august, 43 days is known as the dog days of summer. because the dog star is near the sun. continue to put out freshwater for your animals, they cannot
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we have waves of 2 feet or lessss lake erie the lake water temperature 78. you shall seeee a lack of cloud cover in ohio. that will change, midweek, then thursday the next chance of showers. today a high of 77 it is 1 degree below normal. we had a record of 94 degrees in 1947 currently 75 degrees at hopkins, dover/new philly with 80 degree west, it is a bit above normal for minneapolis ,
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on the radio. >> high pressure gives us a great monday and tomorrow, clear and cool tonight with moonrise at 11:00 p.m. the august moon is the redman, sturgeon moon, the corn moon. it is just a sunny beautiful day looking at about 5 degrees. wednesday and thursday they could shower and thunder.r. thursday 84 degrees, a slight relapse, the weekend looking really goodod, low '80s by sunday and overnight lows in the upper 50s to low '60ss and otherwise it's going to
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some gray days and people asking the i will be out this weekend and i think the lorain county fair. >> fa healthy animals, put out freshwater for them and do not leave them in the hot cars. do not leave dogs or in hot cars. >> rg3 is getting all the attention but what about the other side of the bar ast j.t. has more on browns defense..t david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body.
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i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great.
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letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china." [ audience laughter ] here's a way to the indians are on the road, they're playing outstandinghe baseball at home, you've got guys like ramirez making clutch hits , that
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from hometh, check this out. >> they took and kept the lead as ramirez was outstanding off-season hitting about 377 in situations like that, just outstanding as he continues to have a fantastic season and this evening, mr. carrasco takes the hill versu the oakland a's he has a five-three with, second and the murky lake and pension away from home, has had only two occasions , and nine road starts where he gave up three or more and speaking of on the road, the browns are traveling. >> s they flew to tampa, they have ahe full practice tuesday and another wednesdayfu and
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progress of some players,h corey coleman has not been officially cleared to play friday, we will see him and josh gordonolas pl in some drills against tampa, the receiving corps has lots of potentialh, to raise the bar with great athletes likei corey coleman and josh gordon and terrelle pryor, and he was asked if, two footballs would be enough. >> is about entire team. i don't see anybody being selfish our main goal is to win games whatever it takes is what were going to do. >> ert talk about olympic basketball, another gold medal for the us olympic team is there a coaching change? >> the gold medalists are celebrating another olympic victoryed and feel, they can continue toto rule the world every
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led by kevin durant and played the best basketball and the medal round and ran away from serbia, they know that coach k will give way to gregg popovich and more than likely the gold will continue to be showered on the americans. >> ll we have an outstanding programm we have been part of it and not the only part there has been, it is built to last. over and jerry remaining, i think you will see continued commitment by the players. >> il meyou will see that and, this is coming up onon friday, season 20 of friday night touchdown, we will have p.j. ziegler, dan coughlin and yours truly for the season premiere of friday nightfo
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bring you the high school football coverage at 11:00 p.m.. >> talk about coach kidd leaving and popl coming aboard i think another teamin player who will be back, lebron james. that teamam win with tracy mccool as the coach? >> cnow you are denigrating the coaches. first and foremost you got to have individuals who can get these different talents and egos to play as one and i think coach k k did that for the end, and the beginning lots of guys would just shoot the ball and i think you got them to play wellnd him and the rest of the coaches and they won the gold medal. >> it is a must-have for kids with allergies but the cost of epipens has
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longtime friends and colleagues young teacher remembering her as she and her boyfriend were murdered. >> e a crime that was apparently the result of a jealous rage, dave nethers spoke to some try to cope with the loss . >> keeps saying that she was the glitter and
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tara clossman made this video of her dancing with her longtime mentor ci don ricardo. she had been at the studio since she was five. >> > tshe has grown up taking classes in teaching. >> > she and her boyfriend were killed as they pulled out for driveway believe it was josie inspired crime committed by an ex-boyfriend. it was almost like
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waiting and left them no chance toh survive. >> mcardle she was in fourth grade teacher and akronn with their beginning the new school year. >> she was about the kids she was aboutss the children her classroom and continued after school she worked hard to build a relationship that she was someonerk they can trust that they needed help. >> ne heplease reinvestigate it monday while friends and colleagues of the couple try to cope with the devastating loss >> is really hard, it is shocking and i think it's going to take a long time to process. >> > loshe had a path for her life and that was teachingd and impacting children and sharing her love of dance, and she was everything to a lot of people,nd. >> dave nethers fox 8
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the ex-boyfriend identified as 29-year-old shane varner, he attempted to take his own life at his jackson township home, the crime remains under investigation.tom >> a fatal pitbull attack in bay village has the neighborhood on edge they say that this is not the first attack involving the same dog ownershers and the complaints have now prompted a a criminal police investigation as jennifer jordan joins us. >> pet owner's worst nightmare, and bay village man was walking hisis yorkie shih tzu maxon from the park saturday night when he says his neighborsski to pimples were on the attack, and just aa matter of minutes isus dog was killed it is a tragedy's numbers say could've been prevented. >> hard believe that this cocker spaniel mix was officially recently
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village one year ago. then on last saturday another attack by dogs inside that same home, this time the victim did not survive. >> ti thomas moran fights back tears as he talks about histh dog charlotte who was attacked by his neighbors dogs. >> i noticed to pitbulls running out of the house across the street. ran straight towards me. >> they grabbed her lower half and was pulling down on her.. >> and blood all over his shirt and the dog was bleeding profusely the back was ripped open. >> > . >> he suffered cuts and bruises. to his arms and hands, that he, along
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ao passing biker, cannot find the pitbulls off in time to save charlotte. . >> see the dogs are owned by marlin to answer the door but it speak to the police and animal control arrived as cameras are rolling. >> the pitbulls of oldas were taken to the bay village police by their owners after the attack saturday, they will be cuyahoga county dog warden's investigation continues. >> > adopt that bites and cause injury or kills t under the state law can be deemed dangerous, may time that a dog bites this to be quarantined ten days for rabies. >> as a way for the rabies test results, the thankful that he was not seriously injured,d, the still grieving the loss of a cherished family member. >> she was only one cure
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bay village shut down its animal control officers four years ago due to budget constraintstsm , they say that although charges were brought against the owner of the pimple who the dock master and the dog was removed from the home, they say ifom they were closely monitored then last saturday's tragedy could have been prevented, criminal charges against the owner in this most recent case are pending. >> ch early-morning house for sending people jumping to safety on the east side of cleveland, from a building on east 82nd street y skyfox flew over at 6:00 a.m. a woman screamed for help, she and her husband were told to jump from the second story window. >> > dher fianc? john first, naked, and he told her to jump and she
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said that i would rather that you jump then to burn and she jumped holding onto a satellite dish . >> h no but he was injured, they're still trying to determine the cause of the fire a new price to pay to keep your kids healthy, purchasing and epipens got more expensive. chis putting the pinchot millions of familiesp struggle with food allergies as maia belay got back from talking to one of those families and what do they say? >> ne ithey say that epipens are harder to afford forcing some to choose between paying bills or the epipens. >> right now is testing high for itgh. >> f stewart about her son justin, at nine months he is fighting eczema a skin disorder, katie beers food allergy. >> skskkeeping justin safe,
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15 million americans with food allergies got more expensive, the cost of epipens increasing 400 percent, for many it is difficult to afford. >> ani was blindsided, i went to the pharmacy and had no idea they were that expensive. >> the bynd two epipens, but she needs at all times, they can cost up to $600 even with the coupon60.ou >> a price that forces many the epipen. >> onot realize it was only good for about one year,tiz so to pay for something that you may not use is kind of ridiculous. >> i asked representatives at pharmaceutical about the rising cost of epipens
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consumers are very more of the cost this change is not an easy challenge to address , recognize the need and committed to working with customers to find solutions. >> she says that she will find a way to make it work becausese game days health is not something that she's going tois gamble. >> needed and then you do not have it?. >> hard questions, dr. say that you should never gamble on your or your child's life. >> this but some people in a tough situation. >> pthat amount is rent for some people and perhaps have the mortgage for others.
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some kids want presence and party for the birthday but not this guy f in how he chose to celebrate instead.
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is the ace pitcher of the indians but during his off days, corey kluber and his da northeast ohio veterans fox 8 tagalong with them during a recent visit to thehe cleveland va, john telich reports. >> here is i all-star for the indians. dedication and passion runs deeper than playing baseball. corey kluber his wife amanda only visit patterns at louis stokes cleveland va medical center. >> clto visit people who served and give us the opportunity to do what we do. >> he serveded in the navy during the vietnam war. >> > yes mandisa potheads and sports but you get someone like him who is
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was a privilege. >> > the privilege was all the quivers. kids look up to pro athletes as heroes but he knows better. >> > they are because of their sacrifice and servicece i am fortunate enough to play again. but they made the real heroes. >> thma heroes like clayton walton who was called action over 50 years ago. >> > my country allow me to serve because that is a privilege that you should not take for granted. >> is waging a atte bone marrow transplant and for him the va has been a godsend. >> > i feel like i am the only veteran here because of the care that
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exaggeration. >> corey kluber, known as klubot, who shows scanty motion on the mound getsn more out of these visits. >> he is always the same, smooth, easy going persons, that he is today. when we found out he could really laugh and enjoys thatatfo, i could tease him about can laugh about it. >> bo the visits will continue, some after winning and some after losing,r but because of the veterans who have served,ca corey kluber is committed to honoring these americans, john telich, john fox 8 news corey kluber is one of this year's nominees for
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award that recognizeses players contributions to america's military. >> last a week away from the fox 8 foxtrot.. obie on sunday, at the louis stokes cleveland va medical center, on sunday and mall c. >> standard registration get you into the 5k run or 1 mile walk and a free t-shirt and for preregistration you get a free american flag and raffle entry to win one of several flags flown overseas to register fox >> , if you are signed up you can start picking up your sure in bed number this week 's on wednesday afternoon at edgewater beachon and thursday friday at the fleet feet stores in less like an pepper pike can also register for the foxtrot at these locations the registration of race day begins at 7:00 a.m. the
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a.m. the 5k at 9:00 a.m. you can have plenty of fun with live music from ace molar band. >> > p the early word is that is going to be a good forecast. >> i the forecast for the seeding and tomorrow looks fantastic this blue sky from burke lakefront..okbl the feeling of fall is in the air approaching the fall season,ng lots of great stuff after a summer. were looking at begin in the walk-in 5k run and
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registration on the day of the event at 7:00 a.m. sunset at 815. akron-canton 175m partly cloudyro , a refreshing wind between five and 15.. we've got some '80s k the doorstep that will be in our direction tomorrow could be either degrees with still lower dew points, 52. upstream, the dewpoint is indicative of our lows tonightiv. sunshine, today with some high decorative clouds
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rex tillerson scattered showers/storms aor front wednesday could get close enough for an isolated shower storm to the west late evening the best chance of rainfall wednesday night and thursday. tonight will be comfortable you can open up your windows. om is about the sunshine. tonight, in the 50s.
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the south and southwestnd mostly sunny skies. tomorrow they could will will be 80 degrees with some slight chance of a shower storm then thursday looking at 80s a better chance of showers then friday after seven days with drying conditions. is friday night touchdown, number one and then on sunday the
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floodwaters baton rouge are receding, the many p beginning, people learned th t have lost everything,y they're getting help from righty of government agencies and volunteer groups and businesses all of them in the flood zone working to get victims assistance needed. the taters a tragedy, there are stories of hope and kindness >> people helping people like this guy whoo created the evening in
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larger typical music fan, the 16-year-old cannot resists one out of the water soaked piano can still play so he began to playythoa the abandoned piano is another casualty of the floodwaters and destroying so many homes, this is one of the many items tossed asidedeof next to the piles of trash it was on the curve and the clip is gone viral. 9-year-old boyoyvi want to deliver carson boutte wanted to give people launch so they do not have to stop cleaning up, so thanks to social media 's family, being a dozen pizza delivers turn into 36060 iv pizza pies some people bursting into tears of a kind gesture and one of many acts of kindness in louisiana.
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want to thank you for
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thank you for joining us,th donald trump is back in the state,o after stopping in youngstown last week , he is an akron tonight. here is a look from the james a. rhodes arena t he addresses hundreds. this is one of his first majors rally since the shakeup isra campaign staff last week. since reports surfaced that he may be shifting his campaign in hopes of broadening his appeal to b general election voters cared e we have a crew in akron and will bring you more on mr. trump's speech tonightall on fox 8 news at 10:00 p.m. and


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